When I’m not tussling with the voices inside my head I’m often engaged in one of a number of related (and utterly unrelated) activities:

One of them is keeping a regular column in the WEEKender supplement of Sint Maarten’s The Daily Herald, where I write about literature, Caribbean culture and motoring. Another one is contributing travel pieces to magazines and newspapers, from Chile’s Mercurio to The New York Times. I post these and the rest of my musings on my personal blog, MEMO FROM LA-LA LAND.

Sometimes I also highlight random historical facts of the beautiful game with my good friend and football guru Adolfo Calero. For this purpose we’ve nested the standalone blog (in Spanish) CUERO Y TACOS on the online portal Though we have been known to neglect this baby for months at a time we, like good old sea turtles, always go back to our spiritual home.